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Theresa Gross – President
Bob Bradford – Vice President
Lou-Ann Skakle – Secretary
Roland Magnan – Treasurer

The Sandy Point Community Club was founded in 1923. The club’s orginial purpose was to provide an activity center that would help generate a close feeling among the summer and year-round residents

Today, the Sandy Point Community serves as the principal fundraising vehicle for maintaining one of the community’s three historic and social centers. The club devotes its efforts toward preservation of the community club building. At present, the primary goals of the club are physical restoration of the hall and reactivation of some of the club’s former social functions, as well,as, providing additional functions such as bean suppers, pot-luck suppers, ice cream socials, sing-a-longs and a site for local artisans to showcase their work

About our Building …..“In 1840 the First Universalist Church in town was organized at Sandy Point. The church building is now used as the Sandy Point Community Hall.. Services were discontinued in that church in 1868.   The building was sold and used for a dwelling house. The building was cut in two; one part of which was converted into a stable. Capt. Bernard Stowers lived in the other part for several years. Later, it was bought by Morris Griffin and used as a dance hall. At that time called Griffin Hall.

August 27 1923 a committee was formed to establish the Sandy Point Community Club. Rev Herbert Thompkins, Pastor of the Sandy Point Congregational Church, Dr. C. D. Fillebrown , and Dr. Jay Perkins made up the committee. The committee bought Griffin Hall for $1,500.00. The club was incorporated with Dr, Charles D. Fillebrown President.

August 11 1939, a mortgage burning ceremony was held at which Mrs. Sadie Bates, a past president, presided. “

From “The story of Stockton Springs by Alice Ellis”


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